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I am a creator. When I let go of what I know, amazing things take shape. I love to experiment and see what happens. My art is all about the journey and the process. Exposing myself to new experiences and taking imagination further.



I began my art career with an Honour degree from the School of Art, Australian National University. But from then on, my career has taken an unorthodox route that led me to create the most expressive and compelling artworks through the unpredictability of the process and the journey.

The turning point of my art career started with a collaboration with a philanthropist that led me to activating his multi-level carpark in Canberra that later became my studio. From there, I created my largest format artworks including my 12m luminous Voyage artwork. This unusual setting allowed me to launch a variety of gorilla art installations that attracted the media and brought attention to public art discourse in the region.

My bold art interventions caught the attention of the founders of VIVID international light festival and led to a private sponsored residency to their headquarters and then an invitation to one of Europe’s most famous art fairs, ‘Positions’ in Berlin, Germany as a VIP artist representing Australia. 

Currently, during the COVID 19 I have setup my home studio which is now my creative headquarters. In addition, these new setups have kick-started collaborations with musicians, designers, international companies and various thought leaders across industries to transform public and private spaces into the inspirational environments of the future. 

Artist CV



'Kin' Public artwork commission for Enlighten festival.  'Kin' became a  collaboration with sydney artist Edison Chen and creating live art piece connected with his 'Kin' sculpture in Garema Pl, Canberra.

Founded and launched my unique brand of art shoes called 'ART KIX 


Collaboration with Skyhome lighting, Australia

'Sleeping Beauty' interactive artwork commissioned by Ovolo Hotel, Nishi, Canberra, Australia

'Dark Side of the Moon' exhibition, first large scale exhibition at Digital Content Studios, Queanbeyan. Sponsored by Colormaker Industries, Permaplastik Paints, Boombox2u, Bentspoke Brewery, Contentious Character and AVE Lighting



2 page feature 'Inspire and Empower', Artoze, Dubai 

Working on new series of  artworks inc interactive concept pieces for exhibition in early 2021.

Collaboration with international LIFX lighting company.

Representation by Hong Kong's Young Soy Gallery


Solo exhibition, Revelation: Art meets architecture, Beyond Design Australia, Canberra. 

Luminous public art presentation at 'Midwinter Nights', Questacon, The National Science and Technology Centre, Canberra.

'Awaken Your Space' 3 interactive art pieces with sponsorship by Dionysus for Art, Not Apart 2019, Nishi Grand Stairs

Canberra Building and Renovation Expo 

Showroom Canberra and Canberra Build Interior Design and Home Expo


One night-only light reactive art installation at Ovolo Nishi, Canberra. 

Collaboration with Exempla Group and Turco & Associates

The Other Art Fair, Sydney



Solo exhibition, OASIIS

Collaboration with Canberra Symphony Orchestra 

Launched  ‘Citywest Carpark Transformative Gallery’ with owner 



VIP artist: Positions, Berlin Art Fair

Christuskirche Projections, collaboration with Ingo Bracke, Germany

b05 art project with Ingo Bracke and Jan Nebgen, Germany

Artist residency @Studio Kybra in Germany 

VOYAGE exhibition at Nishi Gallery, Canberra​ 

Finalist for Inner North Art Prize     



Art grant: (Art, Not Apart) to create large format live painting ‘The Three Disciples’​ 

Solo exhibition, Nishi Gallery, Canberra.                

Group exhibition, M16 Artspace, Canberra

Group exhibition, Nishi Gallery, Canberra.

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