Tommy Balogh is a multi-disciplinary artist from Canberra, Australia. His work is represented and collected both nationally and internationally. Balogh fuses organic abstract painting and light to create a new beast in his futuristic and emotive light reactive artworks. His work is described as ‘transformative' and takes fluid art to places not seen before. In partnership with fellow creative Gabriel Gaha, they together have created thought provoking art projects and experiences by transforming conventional spaces into places of wonder. Balogh works in an unconventional studio space at the Citywest Carpark in Canberra, Australia, where he has the freedom to create large-format works and test his ideas.Currently Balogh is working with Australian builders and developers Natura Homes and Exempla Group on solar powered abstract art that is integrated with Google and Alexa wireless smart devices, called smART. smART is a new concept that creates responsive artworks that can be controlled from your laptop, smartphone or other devices. The works are responsive to light and will energise rooms or hallways in a way that the viewer can control their environment to suit their mood, to inspire or to winddown, this is the future of art.


Balogh emerged from the Australian art scene following his landmark exposition at the renowned Nishi Gallery in Canberra, Australia, in 2016 where he unveiled his 12m photo-luminescent Voyage: Fingerprints of Consciousness during his first major solo VOYAGE, that became a symbol for the next progression in contemporary art. A new era was born…


Balogh, later in that year was invited by the founders of VIVID light festival for a 2 month residency at Studio Kybra in Germany, and invited as a VIP artist to Berlin's No 1 art fair: Positions/Berlin Art Fair. In 2018 Balogh had his first private commission in Zhengzhou China, appeared at TOAF Sydney with his custom 5m Enigma artwork and is currently working with Australian architects Turco and Associates with a local developer on a 6m vertical backlit art piece. His focus is to fuse the concepts of architecture and his new visual art to create immersive and interactive spaces that inspire,  elevate, and reconnect ourselves to joy and beauty for the mind and soul.

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