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Story of the Vortex Spin

'Elements :VE', light-reactive media on plexiglass, total of 160 x 160cm in 4 separate (80 x 80cm) pieces to make a single art piece, artwork photo taken under UV light

Vortex Spin breakthrough

The vortex spin series came about through a breakthrough moment during the darkest of my days during the start of the pandemic in 2020. Having lost my larger studio at the Citywest carpark, now known as the Secure Carpark. I had to regroup and convert my home into a home-studio during the start of this pandemic. I was compelled to find ways to deliver paint media differently from my usual ways and add unique motions, including a new 'spiralling energy' in the paintings. Whilst trying a number of ways to throw, flick, and spin the paint, I hit a critical moment where I realized that all the classic spin paintings created by Damien Hirst and others had one thing in common: it was that the canvas and/or support was the object rotating, not the paint media. This created a very distinctive signature in the artwork. But what would happen if you spin the paint? I realized that Damien Hirst used 'Spin Art Machines' to impart huge amounts of rotational energy and inertia to the paint, these generated energies were far more powerful than anything that was created by the human body, that’s why the energy lines were so crisp and clear, albeit mechanical, but beautiful in t