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About me 

I am Tommy Balogh aka TB, an Australian multi-disciplinary artist. Known for my big light-reactive, organic abstract artworks that push the frontiers of visual art. My mission is to transform our living and work environments for the FAR better through my art discoveries.


Take aways (an open list)

   ~ Residency to VIVID international founders’ private studio in Germany and VIP artist to ‘Positions’, Berlin art fair

   ~ 12m Voyage: fingerprints of consciousness artwork, National Gallery of Australia Artonline and on ABC national news


   ~ Hong Kong’s ‘Young Soy Gallery’ representation in 2020, ‘Inspire and Empower’ feature, Dubai’s Artoze Magazine


   ~ Brand ambassador, Permaplastik paints, Australia 2022 


 ~ Numerous collaborations with designers, musicians, architects, property developers and thought leaders in diverse spaces.


There is never one answer to a space. 

Each one is unique and every project is an opportunity to open up our imagination. 

It's time to create the space of the future, NOW. 


I create bespoke art pieces with the client at the heart of the project. With me in your corner, we will unlock the incredible potential of your space. I believe a timeless piece in your space is crucial for personal inspiration and business productivity. Through customised pieces which reflect your aspirations and unique character, we will bring endless possibilities to your physical and intellectual spaces. 

SleepingBeauty (1).jpg

Expansive spaces crave impactful pieces. We provide large format pieces to dramatically enhance your work and living spaces. Whether to create that point of difference or to accent your brand, it's all here. For commercial businesses it is also tax deductible in Australia. 

Let's splash your blanks walls with new possibilities!

Book a private consultation for a tailored art solution today. 

Book a private consultation

Book a 30 min FREE private consultation to work out the perfect solution for your space.

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