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Chariots of the Red Sky
The Goddesses Dance
'Pyramid of light' (SOLD)
Voyage: fingerprints of consciousness
'Serendipity' (SOLD)

Who am I?

I am Tommy Balogh 

Art is my life

I've been painting for 15 years and counting..

I studied art through numerous institutions, from Jerudong Internaiotional School, Brunei Darussalam to completing university with a bachelor's degree with Honours in fine art at the Australian National University to even exploring my art on the streets of Newtown, Sydney where I had my first big breakthrough..


I learnt early in my 'street art' years that when I threw away my expectations and focussed on the moment the possibilities for discovery were at their highest, I was touching the void and tapping into a higher state of energy.  I took so much from the raw experience on the streets, learning from people from all walks of life. I found my passion in life, and I knew this was what I was put on earth to do, to make my mark.


Those moments were the catalyst for more ambitious explorations that turned into full-blown exhibitions. The energy was palpable and I teamed up with Canberra entrepreneurs, they became my life-long friends and one helped me setup a large basement studio of his multi-level carpark. A spark had turned into a wildfire.


From then things almost spun out of control, I gained notoriety for the scale of my shows, from appearing on national media here in Australia on ABC news for my VOYAGE exhibition which featured a 12m luminous artwork which gave rise to a  international invite-only residency with the founders of vivid international in Germany. I was touching the untouchable. I was hitting new heights.

Those moments carried the energy further, I was working with prestigious architects, builders, designers and disrupters in many spaces, creating original and thought provoking artworks and concepts around the art experience itself. I was creating art footwear and setting up backlit art concepts.

From that moment on I knew my mission, to bring my art into the spaces we live in to awaken consciousness and tap into a greater understanding of our existence and the divinity we all have. Art is a catalyst to unleash the fires of possibility in our own lives.

​Join me in my travels  at the EDGE of creation..

What I do

There is never one answer to a space. 

Each one is unique and is an opportunity to expand our possibilities 

and to reshape our energies 

organic fluid abstract paintings on canvas or plexiglass interactive with light

I create bespoke art pieces with the client at the heart of the project, to unlock the incredible potential your space cries for. I believe the right art is crucial for personal inspiration and business productivity. Afterall, the energy you put into your space is the energy you get out.

Organic fluid abstract paintings on pyramid sculpture interactive with lights

Expansive spaces crave impactful pieces. I provide  dramatic art enhancements to diverse work and living spaces. Whether to create that point of difference or to accent your brand, it's all possible. For commercial businesses it is also tax deductible in Australia. 




“We commissioned Tommy to complete a very unique art piece for our new home. The piece needed to be a hidden door. Tommy's ideas and guidance gave us the confidence to let his 'creative juices' flow! We were and still are ecstatic with the final result!

​Bill O'Neill, founder Bond Group 


Chat with me to expand the possibilities

Ready to transform your environment into a place of energy and inspiration?

Book a 30 min private chat with me, completely FREE, to get it started

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