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Ever since one of my art clients asked the question, 'what if your art would be on shoes' I have run with this in a big way and seen the amazing potential that my art can have on footwear and apparel in general. To wear your art.


ART KIX have gone through many hurdles and challenges to get to where they are now.


When I received my first prototype of the shoes, I slipped them on and felt noticeably different in my general attitude and demeanor', the art affected my experience while I wore them. In fact on days when I feel a bit under the weather I will slip on my ART KIX and get re-inspired, re-energised, happy again to create and be. Art is powerful, and its been something I've always believed in. It can even turn the years back a few decades, make you feel young again. 

ART KIX are designed in Australia and manufactured in China by IDX shoes, who are among China's leading technological shoe factories. They have custom latex/memory foam midsoles and high density rubber outsole for great traction and durability and quality canvas for the prints. My latest ART KIX also will feature polyester and even genuine leather uppers (with full art print) which is a first in the industry. So watch out for these in the very near future.. 

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