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First art installation - Forrest, Canberra

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

What an amazing journey 'Be One With ❤' online art sale has been! It was a great opportunity to look back at my art practice and create an online event that brought my art closer to my art community.

The first installation, in Forrest, Canberra, was completed a few weeks after the event. It was there that I met a lovely couple that collected pieces from renowned Australian artists, and soon my piece was going to join the ranks and be part of their private art collection. I had a tour of their amazing residence with high vaulted ceilings and modern white rectilinear architecture. We chatted and discussed, and scoped out the space where my work would be mounted.

They asked if I could move one of their earlier pieces, an ornate Chinese screen which they hung as an art piece in their main living room so that my work would take pride of place in that space. Their vision was to delicately introduce my art into their beautiful living environment, filled with unique and valuable artefacts, including an antique Japanese table with inlaid pearl, a solid marble table and various Swedish designer furniture pieces.