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Plexiglass? it’s time for Canvas!

2022 is about breaking the traditional…or perhaps a rendezvous with the traditional in my case?

I have been working with plexiglass and translucent materials for almost 15 years since the early years of my university studies. But for 2022, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and introducing canvas and other media to my practice.

My goal is to explore what canvas, fabrics and other new materials have to offer. To be even more experimental and expressive through my art.

It's not a break-away from my plexiglass practices, rather it’s a way of cultivating new approaches that will ultimately stretch my perspective further.

Why Canvas after all these years?

Opting for canvas seemed familiar and strange at the same time. Many years ago, as an art student, I worked briefly with canvas in a more ‘traditional’ way. Over the years, my skills and techniques have developed and progressed, plus I have always wanted to revisit this material and see where I could take it with luminous media and fresh techniques.


The frames are handmade, and made with a slimline, lightweight design in my art studio. They are amazingly easy to hang and give the pieces that sleek look that mirror my plexiglass pieces.

First look

I am proud to unveil these new pieces on stretched canvas material including my first test on polyester fabric. All artworks are light-reactive and retain that magic of my plexiglass works but on a more traditional medium, and with a distinctive patina and texture that enhance elements of the pieces allowing a different way to paint and present the message.

‘Strings of Gold’

Light-reactive media inc phosphorescent and ‘Super Blue’ on stretched polyester on slimline hardwood frame

90 x 90cm



Light-reactive media inc phosphorescent, iridescent media, inc ‘Super Orange’ on stretched canvas on slimline hardwood frame

150 x 150cm


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