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This week's Feature Art

This week we delve into the 'Medusa' vortex art piece.

'Medusa' is one of the rare vortex spin art pieces I created in early 2021. The piece utilizes a technique that I invented during the first lockdowns in my home studio.

The piece came alive when I was playing with the exponential increase in force and motion that comes from modified electric devices. Greatly inspired by new contemporary art movements and the search for innovation, I wanted to find new ways to deliver the paint to the plexiglass panel. Vortex art was born.

Vortex paintings integrate man and machine to create unique spin art paintings with almost unlimited energy and movement. This new process reverses the spin art process, whereby the paint media rotate rather than the plexiglass. This reversal of the process creates exciting new motifs that stretch the visual possibilities.

This piece also contains light-reactive materials, including phosphorescent media, in key elements that glow in the dark, adding extra layers of wonder and depth at night.


80 x 80cm

Light-reactive media on plexiglass


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