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This week we delve into the contemporary 'Destiny' piece.

‘Destiny’ was created during the start of 2021 and was my creative response to the growing shadow of the pandemic. The piece for me was an escape from the ongoing craziness and uncertainty in the world. The work is special because its composition generates a cascading rhythm and at the same time creates a calming energy via its palette. This is why this piece was chosen to be at the foot of the staircase in our home. This installation demonstrates how easy this larger scale work can be installed to activate key regions in the home. The fittings for this piece are customized, metal painted mirror clips that are discrete but also structurally sound to hold the artworks securely in place. This type of fluid dynamic piece with its cascading flow reflects the Feng Shui energy in the home and harmonizes the energy fields in your living space. The colour palette is important to bring a sense of peace too. With its dark ocean blues along with the soft lavender and magenta, highlighted by the hot pink accents, all combine to create a delicate interplay of warm and cool elements. All of these add up to an intricate and yet seductive presence to any space. Destiny 155 x 123cm Light-reactive media on plexiglass 2021

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