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‘Be One With❤️’ closes

The curtains are down on my first online art event 'Be One With❤️’.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all the amazing art lovers who came along and became part of this celebration of life, love and connections, apart from investing in my art of course 😜

Despite the current climate, in the last few days, you have shown me your passion and love for beauty in life, it amazes me and humbles me. I am grateful for your generosity, your appreciation for what I do, especially for investing your time and creating a community of connectedness.

These last few days have been truly memorable for me, for I have made many new friends, provided for my family and found amazing forever homes for my art to share their messages of hope, love, joy and wonder. Some of which will be featured in upcoming blogs.

It really has been a wonderful experience! Also for my supporters and those who have followed my journey over the years, thank you for joining me in my mission to bring joy and wonder. And there’s lots more just around the corner!

*the image represents the vibrational energy that was created during this online event, as it manifested strongly in the physical realm. Plus, I’m beginning to learn photoshop 😉

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