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Brainstorm comes to Canberra Centre amidst the pandemic!

UC brainstorm art installation with Tommy Balogh art. Colormaker industry.
"Brainstorm" light-reactive art installation at the Canberra Centre. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Hello out there pursuer of all things creative and a touch querky! It sure has been a long time since our last encounter and my goodness the world has changed in the last couple of years! So I have come to you guys with some much-needed positive energy through my latest BLOG on my creative pursuits and projects, including new product releases.

This BLOG will lead you guys into my working practice, the ups and downs, and new projects that will be coming soon despite this pandemic. After all, you have to keep going and never give up whatever the times are.

Brainstorm is my latest project with the University of Canberra and Colormaker Industries. This ambitious project came about because we all wanted to make a difference in these dark and uncertain times. It's mission: to awaken the visual senses through an ambitious public art installation and inspire us again during these surreal times.

The full story can be seen in the video below.

Thanks go out to Ashley Feraude, Chris Robey and the design team at University of Canberra and also Peter Mercer and the rigging team from SBX that installed this at the Canberra Centre and Colormaker industries who create the vibrant range of Permaplastik and Permaset paints that I religiously use in my art.

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