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Marry the old with the new

Introducing 'ARK'

'Ark' is a culmination of many artistic processes, some known and others invented during the course of the creation of this important piece. It represents the pinnacle of my art practice.

Ark reminds me of the pursuit of high art through composition, colour and visual content, whilst balancing all these elements in a modern art piece. It harks back to the 'classical' approach to art, achieving this through modern materials and aesthetics.

The work originally came from the remnants of an earlier unfinished piece. I transformed this piece by revisiting the layers and reimagining their structure and their message. By stripping back and literally 'destroying' particular layers in the original, I was able to 'inject' new elements into the void spaces and unite them to enhance the totality of the artwork. This made me look at the alchemy and chemistry of my artistic process in a whole new light. I was then able to define a whole new branch of my art, by editing layers, recombining and reshaping the old with the new.

It is about teasing out the spirit of the old layers and mixed with the new that completes the pieces and speaks a captivating visual story. After all, that is what all my art strives to do. 'Ark' is the benchmark for this as it carefully treads the line between many qualities, including the duality of complexity and simplicity, chaos and order.


“'Ark' represents a movement back to the classical way of looking at my modern pieces: through composition, colour and harmony of visual content to create captivating pieces."

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