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Only a matter of days left..

'Be One With'

They say home is where the heart is, and where the creative spark starts.

To share the joy of home with you all to make a brighter world... I am introducing my ‘Be One With❤️ ’ art sale

⚡All art MINIMUM 50% off original price

⚡A number of presales have started and the response has been overwhelming and amazing to say the least!

⚡Official sale dates: 21.10 – 24.10 ⏳

The selection now comprises 70 pieces in total, ranging from highly affordable small format pieces all the way up to flagship pieces like ‘Enigma’, ‘Tao’ and even ‘Ark’

*so make me a reasonable offer, I will consider it, promise.

“'Time to spread some joy and love at this time, and what better way then through art"

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